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"The first role of family life is to love. It is to become a civilization of love. "
-John Paul II
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The purpose of the Family Life Institute is to assist families in their efforts to educate and to live the Church's vision of marriage and family.

Our Mission is to show couples how the lofty vision of the Church is God's fulfillment of the very desires He has placed in their hearts. We must show them in practical ways how this vision, their love and God's own love becomes incarnate in their flesh, in their child, and in their daily lives. We must meet them on their road to Emmaus and take the steps that lead them to a restoration of the Church's vision of marriage and the dignity of human life.

The Family is the primary unit of society. We follow the example of John Paul II who emphasized the profound importance of the dignity of each human being and the family. Their rights given by God must never be lost. As one nurtures, heals, and cares for the family, one heals and cares for society.

Counseling to marriages and families serves the ongoing process of individuals finding union within themselves, with their spouses, children, and others as they become what they are--a family. The struggle to acquire the virtues and overcome vices goes on throughout childhood, young adulthood, and adulthood. Counsel helps each to understand the nature of the circumstances and its struggles.

Articles, discussions and lectures, manuals, books, radio interviews, coursework, and guidance are available in the Bookstore, Education section and complimentary Gift section.